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Online Management for a Changing Hospitality World

The only constant is change. Guest Trends provides increased online visibility, reputation management, reputation repair ADA Compliant Websites and Hotel Management Company branding packages.

 We here to strengthen, protect and defend your Hotel or Motel – in the midst of a changing online world.

Our Founder and CEO Steve J. Lewis is no stranger to the Hospitality Industry. In the 90’s Steve was a pioneer of marketing to the roadside traveler. He was the former Founder and CEO of, also known as The Traveler Coupon Guides.  

Although the World has changed drastically since then, Steve and his team of highly trained professional’s have managed to stay one step ahead of the hospitality trends as they happen!

Right now as you read this there are customers looking online for a Hotel or Motel just like yours! The question is, is your Hotel or Motel positioned and targeted to capture that business? These travelers plug keywords into their search engine to find what they need. They rarely look past the first or second page. Does your property show up prominently? Does it show up at all? If so, what does the web information they find say about your business?

Guest Trends’ proven tools for search engine optimization, mobile friendly websites, reputation management and social media strategies are the brand standards for the Hospitality Industry.

We only get one chance to make a good first impression, what impression does your property give? What image do you want it to portray? Are you controlling the narrative (story) or is the traveler controlling your story? Guest Trends’ employs a highly trained team of experts in all areas of digital technology to make sure your online presence is exactly what you want it to be.

COVID-19 “Survival of the Fittest”

Covid-19 has certainly thrown the hospitality industry the biggest curve ball we have ever faced! In just 12 months, we have gone from one of the best occupancy’s in US history to one of the worst. With the vaccine out and consumer confidence rising, the Million Dollar question is this? What do I do now? To quote AAHOA “The next step is to RECOVER”. Most experts agree it will take three to four years to get the industry back to normal.

Travelers will have more price valued options than ever before to choose from. We are recommending to our Clients that they need to Act Short Term, and Think Long Term, in other words its’”Survival of the Fittest” time! Make sure that your online info, image and optimization is at its all time High.

Why Choose Guest Trends?

Search Engine optimization (SEO) The purpose of SEO is to make your Hotel or Motel show up better on Internet searches, specifically Google. Your SEO package is optimized to generate leads, inform, and drive guest to your property. In order for your digital content to be successful, it has to drive traffic to your vanity site or Brand landing page. We put an effective SEO content marketing strategy in place that drives your company impressions, hits, new customers, and sales to an all time high.

Website Construction and Mobile Optimization

A customized website presents your business with a lasting first impression and directs your site visitors where you want them to go. More importantly it optimizes your Hotel or Motel in a mobile friendly format. Now that more than 60% of the Worlds Internet traffic is accessed through mobile phones, it’s imperative that your property be viewable on a mobile platform.

Google recently announced that mobile searches surpassed computer searches and that they were changing the mobile search algorithms to reward mobile optimized websites. Is your Hotel or Motel mobile optimized to cash in on this mobile revolution?

All of our website packages are ADA Compliant and Covid-19 branded.

Reputation Management

Guest Trends’ team of Brand and Independent property management experts has been in the business for years. Our online reputation management professionals know how to create strategies for reputation protection and reputation repair and reputation strategies that are geared into your long term revenue strategies.

We replace negative feedback that shows up online with positive content about your property. People in general write many more bad reviews than good reviews, every wonder why? The reason is simple, when travelers buy a hotel room they have expectations that the service will be good, the room will be clean and the experience will be positive. If those expectations are not realized travelers become upset and weaponize the bad review to seek revenge! Astute hospitality professionals stay ahead of this scenario by communicating with their Guest the minute they check out and following through with feedback and solutions. 

Recent research has shown that 82% of bad reviews can be neutralized and set aside by travelers when the review is answered in a professional manner. Guest Trends repairs negative reputations and turns things around quickly – often in as little as three months.

Social Media Strategy

We build your brand’s visibility and authority through a comprehensive social media strategy that includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Big brands use simple social media strategy to manage their online reputation. Guest Trends keeps your online presence consistent and positive over all social media channels. Top six reasons why Social Media, it increases Hotel & Motel bookings, strengthens your reputation, creates better Guest relations, allows you to control the online narrative, not the traveler and is the most cost effective advertising for the Hospitality Industry!